Movie Props, Kevin Leycraft, Calgary

When movie and television producers need an animal to perform a specific behavior, Kevan often gets the call.  Especially if the desired behavior may be too dangerous to use real animals. Or perhaps the desired animal is extinct or dangerous, yet the script requires flexibility and movement.

From life like, old fashioned or futuristic sci-fi, Kevan has provided what was needed.


Art Sculpture, Kevin Leycraft, Calgary

From the high realism of scientifically-accurate models to the beautifully whimsical artistic expression that many corporations and individuals have commissioned, Kevan can create the artistic display that suits your project.

Kevan has expertise in working with metals, wood, stone, ice, fibre and fabrication.


Custom metal railing, Kevin Leycraft, Calgary

Add aesthetic elegance to your home with custom designed and built wrought iron structures. Unique and quality crafted yard furniture, railings, gates, etc.

We take pride in our work and will partner with you to create what it is you want.

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